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What's New On Ancient-Wisdom:

Archaeology is revealing the past at an unprecedented rate, but what exactly are we learning from it.?

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  • (June, 2013)

  • Suppressed Archaeology (New Page): The subject of suppressed archaeology is a delicate topic to say the least. Just the mention of the word 'suppression' evokes a wince from many as it suggests the deliberate concealment of facts (for reasons unknown), and is a label which academia would go to lengths to reject. Perhaps the most pertinent question therefore, is to what lengths.?       (Quick-link)

  • (May, 2013)

  • Easter Island - Indus Valley Script (New Page): The similarity between these two scripts was recognised almost 100 years ago. Recent research and discoveries have opened the debate again with discoveries of similar ancient scripts from other locations and the 'Kabul text' with Indus Valley Script dated c.1,000 years old. The exact connection between these distant scripts remains to be determined, but the pieces of the puzzle are coming together at last.    (Quick-link)

  • Words of Wisdom (New Category): While archaeology provides us with a physical record of the past, the invention of writing provides us with a unique resource through which we are able to connect to the imagination and wisdom of our ancestors. However, the gradual conversion to writing from the oral tradition has ironically resulted in the loss of knowledge as the majority of ancient texts have been systematically destroyed through human ignorance and stupidity.      (Quick-link)

  • (April, 2013)

  • Ancient Greek Automata (New Page): When his writings on hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanics were translated into Latin in the sixteenth century, Hero’s readers were amazed to discover descriptions of inventions which included vending machines, a water-pump, a wind-organ, and the aeolipile (the first recorded steam engine). So just how close were the Greeks to an industrial revolution.?     (Quick-link)

  • Aboriginal Wisdom (New Page): The Australian Aborigines represent the oldest example of continuous human culture in the world. The remarkable longevity of their culture is unique in the modern world, and raises several fundamental questions about the path that 'Western civilisation' is currently following.    (Quick-link)

  • (March, 2013)

  • Ancient and Sacred Texts (New Page): The few texts that have survived the ravages of history reveal aspects of people that no amount of artefacts ever could. This page is a listing of some of the most important and sacred texts from antiquity, all with links to freely available versions ready to read online or download.    (Quick-link)

  • Palaeolithic Writing (Article): It has been long considered that writing emerged 'independently in at least three different places between 3500 BC and 3100 BC' (2), Following on the discovery of the intermediate Vinca script, recent studies suggest that certain common Palaeolithic geometric symbols found around in cave-art around the world may represent a 'proto-script' from which all other scripts can trace ancestry.   (Quick-link)

  • El-Fuerte-de-Samaipata, Bolivia (Location): Currently proclaimed as the largest carved rock-face in the world, Samaipata is a pre-Columbian feature without comparison. The site was  brought to the attention of the public by Von Daniken who claimed it to be a landing site for UFO's.           (Quick-link)

  • (February, 2013)

  • Cranial Deformation (Article): Images of elongated skulls or 'Cone-heads' can be seen as far back as Sumerian and Egyptian times and the act of cranial deformation can be traced as far back as 45,000 years ago, demonstrating that even during the Palaeolithic, the importance of the act surpassed the safety of the child (as excessive deformation can be fatal in infants), which raises the important question: What was it that motivated so many varied cultures to incorporate this characteristic into their children.?    (Quick-link)

  • The Salisbury Complex (Article): The Salisbury landscape has been dominated by such sites as Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill for a long time, but they are only single components of a larger 'living landscape' that composed to form the Salisbury Complex. It is now reasonable to suggest that landscapes such as those at Salisbury can be better seen as being 'woven' together through the various alignments between sites, their design,  incorporation of astronomy, geometry, and their relationship with the natural features of the landscape. Apart from the presence of several of the largest monuments from prehistory, there are several important astronomical and geodetic properties of the location of the Salisbury complex which make it a contender for a prehistoric European Meridian, a proposal which gains merit when viewed alongside contemporary activities in the Mediterranean basin and Egypt in particular at the same time.     (Quick-link)

  • (January, 2013)

  • Herb-Lore - (Supplementary): A-Z of Herbs: Their Medicinal, Spiritual and Magical Qualities.   (Quick-link)

  • Herb-Lore - Herbalism (Article): It seems that on every part of the globe where humans have lived, there has developed a body of herbal knowledge, something which has led to us forming a special relationship with them. But while their medicinal qualities have been well adopted by the pharmaceuticals, their renowned spiritual and Magical qualities are rapidly becoming lost to the doctrines of modern life.     (Quick-link)

  • (December, 2012)

  • Beneath Giza (Article): A review of the known tunnels and cavities beneath the Giza complex. The existence of lost tunnels and chambers running beneath the surface of the Giza complex has been suspected for a long time and recent surveys have supported the idea that there is still much to learn. However, the discovery of illicit tunnelling in the houses in front of the Sphinx has opened a new chapter on the history of Giza.     (Quick-link)

  • Atacama Desert (New Discovery): The Atacama Desert in Chile is officially the driest place on Earth. Ironic then that a recent discovery has revealed the presence of a vast complex of structures sitting right beside the largest petroglyph in the world (The Atacama Giant), and lying buried beneath what can only be very ancient flood events.     (Quick-link)

  • (November, 2012)

  • North American Indians (New Article): While much has been written about the American Indian lifestyle, the portrayal of Indians as war-painted savages still prevails in literature and on the screen. Sadly, many of the most important aspects of Indian lifestyle have been washed over. However, it is these very aspects of their lifestyle that are now recognised to be of such value in the way we perceive our relationship with the world today.   (Quick-link)

  • Tenochtitlan (New Location): Tenochtitlan, the Capital of the Aztec empire, was built on a cluster of small natural islands on Lake Texcoco in the Valley of Mexico. The founding of capital city in the middle of a marshy lake may at first seem absurd, but its exact location was foretold and fulfilled by prophesy, and Tenochtitlan indeed grew to become the largest and most powerful city in Mesoamerica, and at its height was one of the largest cities in the world.    (Quick-link)

  • (October, 2012)

  • The Land of the Dead (New Article): It is often said that archaeology has taught us more about the rituals of death than those of the living, something which reflects an intimate relationship between the living and the dead in a way no longer shared today. This gradual underlying shift in thinking has severed a connection which was once seen to represent a great source of wisdom.    (Quick-link)
  • Hattusa (New Location): Capital of the Hittite and the Hatti empires, this extraordinary city was built 1200m above sea level in one of the most inhospitable regions of Anatolian plateau. It contains images of Sphinxes, and a pyramid structure, giving it status as one of the lost wonders of the ancient world.     (Quick-link)
  • (September, 2012)

  • The Azores Islands (New Location): Last years report by Portuguese archaeologists has confirmed the rumours of activity on the islands long before the Portuguese arrival c, 1400. Numerous hypogea, engravings and even cart-ruts are suggestive of a sustained and extensive population. So, who were they and what impact will this have on the debate over Pre-Columbian contact.     (Quick-link)
  • The Origin of the Zodiac (New Page): For a long time it was believed that the Zodiac signs originated in Babylon. This assertion is now being challenged by 5,000 - 7,000 year old discoveries in Anatolia, which suggest the heavens were divided at least a thousand years before the Sumerians, Egyptians or Indus Valley cultures existed.     (Quick-link)
  • The Vinca Culture: 'Old Europe' (New Page): The Vinca culture is one of Europe's hidden wonders. They existed in south-western Europe as a fully fledged and peaceful culture c. 5,500 - 3,500 BC, following which they dispersed around the ancient world. They are recognised as producing the first copper smelting and proto-writing in Europe (pre-dating Sumerian by a thousand years).    (Quick-link)
  • Earth Energies (Article): Animals are well known for their extraordinary senses through their migratory skills, earthquake and weather prediction, but what of the humans who evolved alongside them.? Our physiology suggests that we were once similarly equipped but the proliferation of technology appears to be drowning out the 'heartbeat of the earth'.     (Quick-link)


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